Based on our well experienced staff together with access to a wide range of well proven computer software programs either implemented on hosted web servers, local server or work stations, we provide the following services:

  • Lightship weight estimation
  • Propulsive power estimation
  • Hydrostatic calculations
  • Cross-curve calculations
  • Loading/stability calculations
  • Damage stability
  • Tonnage calculations
  • Max. allowable VCG and heeling moment
  • Capacity of compartments with CG.
  • Lines drawing/body plan
  • Sounding- and ullage tables
  • Launching
  • Inclining test
  • Strength calculations
  • Classification- and shop drawings
  • Deck equipment
  • Accommodation plans
  • Engine room arrangements
  • Piping systems and details
  • HVAC and sanitary systems
  • Heat and Steam balances
  • Automation and instrumentation
  • Cargo systems for gas, chemicals, oil, asphalt
  • Supervision
  • Purchasing
  • Conversions, repair specifications, etc.
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